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Who are we?

Swiss International Institute Lausanne - SIIL - is a Swiss institute teaching students from around the world in their native languages.

Swiss International Institute Lausanne — SIIL — translates partner university programs and adapts them to the needs of students from around the world. We make Swiss educational programs available to residents of different countries, no matter what language they speak.

Our Mission

The mission of the Swiss International Institute Lausanne - SIIL - is to offer Swiss educational programs to people worldwide who speak different languages.

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How do we teach?

Online education at the Swiss International Institute Lausanne - SIIL relies on online education as the main technology for teaching its students. This decision is due to the territorial dispersion of students and the wide opportunities for individualization of education that online education provides.

Training under the Swiss International Institute Lausanne - SIIL programs can be carried out on the electronic platform of the institute or on the platforms of partner universities.

SIIL's online education programs include compulsory webinars with teachers and final exam interviews. Education is subject to a specific schedule, which is very important to maintain student self-discipline in conditions of self-study.

All teachers at the Swiss International Institute Lausanne - SIIL are selected with a prerequisite for proficiency in the language of their students.

Academic Director of the
Swiss International Institute Lausanne
Dr.Tatiana Zarubina
Dear friends,

We are passing through difficult and interesting period when this new situation make us rethink our priorities and our way of life.

The changements also affect the education at all levels: from secondary school to the programs of advanced studies. All the institutions are forced to rethink not only the teaching methods but especially the proposed specializations.

It is important that the education does not lose its value. On the contrary, the education and knowledge are still (or become) one of the best investments in the post Coronavirus era, as it was stressed by the OECD in its Economic Outlook in June 2020.

Learning Features at SIIL

Multilingual educational institution
Swiss international institute Lausanne is a multilingual educational institution. An important aim of the institute is to set up and fulfil educational programs in different languages.
Flipped learning
A flipped learning is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. In a flipped learning, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, or carry out research at home while engaging in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor.
Online learning
Online educational programs of Swiss international institute Lausanne suppose inevitable webinars with teachers and final exams. This education system has a determined schedule that is the key to self discipline in the context of online education.
Trans-regional partnership
The Swiss international institute Lausanne training programs can be carried out on the electronic platform of the institute itself or on the platforms of partner universities.
“Student proactivity” programs
The management of Swiss international institute Lausanne allows for the development of academic activity and communication in the student community.
“Educational partner” program — interaction with designated companies- competency holders
This program allows creating training courses based on the experience and competencies of the partner organization staff.
“ETC – educational trajectory control” program
ETC is your personal dean. This application on your phone that monitors your learning process, reminds you of webinars, time for passing tests and term papers, provides links to useful training materials, reminds you of tuition fees, shows you your rating and its dynamics. (This system works in test mode until 01.09.20)

Description of the stages of training

Create a user account and start training. Make out documents and pay for the program.
Study the proposed training materials. On the site you can find links to printed materials, a textbook, the main video course and additional video materials for each subject. You will also be able to participate in webinars according to the schedule of webinars.
The study of each course is accompanied by the fulfillment of the tasks of the training course or by filling out the topics of the training course proposed in the study guide of each training course. In addition, each course contains a discipline test system. Completed tasks and tests are admission to the exam, which takes place in video mode, in the form of an interview on discipline. The student can apply for a high mark on the exam, in the case of providing links confirming the active participation of the student in webinars. The student can get a positive mark for the exam in the "automatic" mode, subject to recording their own author’s course in this discipline, the approval of the course by the teacher, a public statement on the Internet about the copyright for this course of the Swiss international institute Lausanne - SIIL and posting this course on YouTube.
Final certification
Final certification consists of the implementation and defense of the thesis or master's thesis. Thesis topics are provided to students at the beginning of the last term of study. In addition, each student is assigned a diploma supervisor. Diploma defense takes place online.

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