Russia and Georgia discussed online education development

Russia and Georgia discussed online education developmentRussia and Georgia discussed online education development

Swiss International Institute Lausanne project leader, Ivan Petukhovsky, and Georgia’s ex-prime minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze, discussed outlooks for common development of online education.

Georgia and Russia’s collaboration in the domain of online education will ensure Georgian higher education’s integration into the world space. That will promote to increase the amount of foreign students willing to study at Georgian universities.

“Swiss educational programs’ feature is online education as the main technology for teaching its students. This decision is due to the territorial dispersion of students and the massive opportunities for individualization of education that online education provides”, Ivan Petukhovsky noted.

One of collaboration priorities is to provide lifelong learning. Thanks to online interaction, people of all ages will be able to adapt to a rapidly progressing world, earn new professional skills and self-realize. 

It should be recalled, that Mamuka Bakhtadze has recently declared that Georgia is introducing the system conductive to people’s adaptation in a quickly changing world. The matter concerns new professions, self-realization and personal growth.

“We have already detected a deficit of specialists in some professions, and also determined professions needed in our near economical future”, Mamuka Bakhtadze concluded. 

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