Online education trends of 2019

Online education trends of 2019Online education trends of 2019

In 2019 online education development received a great spur. What trends were popular in this year?

Short-term courses

This year, more and more organizations have used short-term courses. Why? Such format allows to present small volumes of information and keep the student’s attention. The last few years, the phrase that people are surrounded by too much information has become very popular, and not without reason. The very moment after waking up, an information stream engulf us, and not everyone is ready to perceive it in large quantities, and especially to concentrate on one direction. In such realities, the effectiveness of short-term courses is obvious.


This method is one of the leading in terms of keeping student’s interest high. Gamification involves increasing the level of student engagement due to the rewards received. Not only is this increase the level of motivation, but also improves the perception of students – an approach aimed the behavior changing. With personalized feedback, gamification can provide insights into student progress and identify gaps and strengths of knowledge.

Adaptive education

Adaptive education provides the most personalized education. Through tests at the beginning, the algorithms determine at what level and pace students should be. Instead of guiding all students through the same modules, the adaptive education approach takes into account what students already know and don't know. In this way, students will be interested, and will be able to concentrate on studying really important new materials.


Every day on the Internet, users watch a billion hours of video, and it is not surprising that this tool is increasingly used in online education. Thanks to more attractive content, the use of video materials provides a higher level of attention keeping.

Mobile courses

Mobile courses give students the freedom to learn where they want and on their own mobile device. Thanks to the newly developed platforms, mobile courses supports communication between the student and the teacher. Platforms support interactive methods, video, artificial intelligence and all other important aspects of online education.

We are sure that all these methods will remain in trend in 2020. Whether new methods will supersede them, we will find out very soon.

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