Program description

The speed with which information technology is changing our lives is fascinating and staggering. Any industry, any company is facing a tsunami of Informatization. Currently, there is a large-scale process of digitalization of a huge array of information, automation and robotization of human labor in all areas of our lives. Information technology has become the technological basis of business and everyday life of every person. But contrary to expectations, humanity did not remain idle, on the contrary, it was able to lead the process of total Informatization. All this huge amount of work on Informatization of our life is performed by specialists in the field of "Information systems and technologies". We can safely predict that they will have enough work for more than a dozen years. Therefore, training in the specialty "Information systems and technologies" is one of the best investments for a modern person.

Upon graduation

Master of information systems and technologies.


  • Methods of research and modeling of information processes and technologies
  • System engineering
  • Object-oriented design of information systems
  • Theory of formal languages and grammars
  • Distributed database technologies based on global computer networks
  • Design of intelligent automated control systems and information systems
  • Programming technology for distributed solutions
  • Modern data management systems
  • Management of development of software projects of automated control systems and information systems
  • Modern technologies of functional programming
  • Industrial programming technologies
  • (Internet of Things)
  • IT-entrepreneurship
  • Master Thesis